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Pointers for Choosing a Video Production Outfit

Video production companies abound nowadays, and you can even find them almost anywhere. Picking the right one is the real challenge.

So where do you start? Do you ask people around you for recommendations or just Google your way around? Below are five tips to help make the job easier:

Look at their work.

First off, you’d like to look at their work. Is their content creative and professional-quality? Once you’ve seen a few demos, things might start to blur but focus on the nuances such as eye color or hair texture. But definitely, you have to look beyond the technicals. Only when you like the general look and feel of their videos will it make sense to proceed.

Call previous clients of the company.

As you review their portfolio, just grab the names of those clients that hired them to produce the videos you’ve seen. When it’s time to interview the video company, ask for the contact information of those clients you’ve listed. If they’re uncooperative, that’s a big red flag right there. Customer references are undeniably one of the best ways of learning more about a video production company based on the accounts of those who have actually worked with them.

See how determined they are to meet your specific needs.

You can tell a lot about a company just by their interest in knowing more about you and your expectations from your project. There is no questioning the fact that price matters, but what do you get in return for it? If they quote you for a job that they know practically nothing about, how can they even come close to meeting your needs? They first have to know what the project is for before they can produce the right output, given the budget at hand.

Strike a balance between quality and quantity.

Although price definitely matters, you need to find a video production company that actually cares a great deal about your satisfaction. In the end, when tons of videos are created daily, only quality ones will make an impact.

Assess rapport.

It may be easy for video production companies to hype themselves up on the front end, but let’s go back to tip #2: are any of those clients excited by the prospect of bringing them on board again? Video production is no joke – it is a long and tedious process that only works for people who can at least get along as a team. Keep in mind that as a client, you have a big contribution to make in terms of ensuring the success of your project. Unless you are happy to work with your video partner, this role can be extremely difficult to fulfill.

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